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Vincent Cornelissen

Before I tell you a little about myself, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

My name is Vincent Cornelissen and I have actually been photographing all my life. In 2018 I bought a "professional" camera (Sony A7iii and now upgraded to a Sony A7r4) and have since followed 2 photography courses and learn a lot every day through YouTube videos but especially by going out with my camera a lot.

I am interested in many types of photography and when people ask me what I prefer, it is something that I find difficult to answer. On the other hand that's no problem because it ensures that, wherever I am, I always see beautiful and interesting things to capture.

The story of the goose…

My photo of the upsidedown flying goose has been shared all over the world and I have been overwhelmed with the, mostly, positive reactions. It really feels like an honor that the photo has been a topic of conversation at the kitchen table and at work for weeks after newspapers, internet media, radio and television from around the world covered it. I know I will not make a unique photo like this again soon, but I will always challenge myself in the hope that people will also enjoy my other (future) photos.

I'm currently looking if I can do something commercial with photography in the near future, but for now that's not an issue. First there is the website which was made with great care by my brother Lennard and for which I am very grateful to him. The photo's really shine. I hope this site lets you see who I am as a photographer and how I look at the world around me. Enjoy!

Kind regards, Vincent

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